Упражнение №8 - Раздел 7 по Английскому языку 7 класса - Афанасьева О.В.

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Express the same using passive.


  1. We must discuss the contents of the novel. →
  2. The actors ought to impress the audience. →
  3. You should stop these chatterboxes. →
  4. We must introduce the members of the team to each other. →
  5. You can't devour such books. →
  6. People have to transport these boxes. →
  7. They must translate the speech when the time comes. →


  1. English borrowed a lot of words. →
  2. The postman brings them a lot of periodicals. →
  3. Mr William's secretary will send this telex tomorrow. →
  4. They didn't find the origin of the adjective "big". →
  5. People easily memorize such idioms. →
  6. Somebody bought a bronze candlestick and three candles. →
  7. People push the door to open it. →

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