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The words in the word boxes describe different activities. Say what activities they describe. Now choose the activity that you like or dislike most of all and describe it in as much detail as you can.

Phrase Type of activity Detailed description
to unlock the door to nature's secret It means that nature always has its secrets, but I believe the key to unlocking them is in spending time outdoors and observing wildlife patiently.
to enjoy picturesque places It means to take some time to explore the outdoors, appreciate its beauty, take plenty of photos and create lasting memories!
to watch birds and animals It means that you need to be quiet and observe, paying attention to their behavior and the little details. Try using a pair of binoculars if available.
to examine mysteries of plants Examining the mysteries of plants refers to exploring the various aspects of plant life, such as their growth, structure, and functions. This can include everything from studying a plant's chemical makeup to analyzing its ecological relationships with other organisms.
to watch the countryside change Watching the countryside change refers to observing the physical and environmental transformations of rural settings over time. This could include tracking changes in land use, vegetation, wildlife, and human settlement patterns.
to spend a lot of time in the open air Spending a lot of time in the open air refers to spending time outdoors, typically away from urban environments. This can include activities such as hiking, camping, biking, picnicking, and/or simply enjoying nature's beauty.
to enjoy a landscape to the full Enjoying a landscape to the full means taking the time to soak in all of its beauty and atmosphere.
to climb mountains Climbing mountains is an activity that involves scaling peak heights, often using specialized equipment and techniques.
to sleep out Sleeping out means camping outdoors, typically in a tent or other shelter.
best friends
to keep/not to keep in cages to feed regularly
to admire sth
to take for a walk
to show to a vet
to train pets
to teach tricks


  • to read books about theatre to visit regularly/occasionally to watch performances/ films
  • favourite actors/actresses
  • a comedy
  • a musical show
  • a puppet film
  • to go to the cinema with sb expensive/cheap seats


  • to read about great artists of the past
  • to collect books on art
  • to learn to draw or paint
  • to take lessons of drawing
  • to buy paper, brushes, etc. to draw portraits, landscapes to make sketches outdoors
  • to go to picture galleries


  • the best way to relax1
  • to enjoy the beauty of sth
  • to spend a weekend in the garden
  • to plant flowers, bushes
  • to look after
  • to water the plants
  • a large collection of flowers to be one of life's greatest pleasures


  • to be fond of music
  • to collect records and CDs
  • to go to concerts
  • to play a musical instrument to take musical lessons
  • to go in for dancing
  • to train regularly


  • to collect badges (stamps, post- cards, pictures, books, etc.)
  • famous collections and exhibitions
  • different collections
  • to get some knowledge of history
  • to exchange things
  • to spend a lot of money and time on sth
  • to ask for advice to join clubs


  • to learn to cook
  • to make new dishes
  • to boil/fry meat (fish, chicken) to cook for the family (for your friends)
  • to make soups (sauces, desserts)
  • to be good at cooking sth
  • to use spices (vinegar, oil, pepper, etc.)
  • to ask for advice
  • to set/ lay the table beautifully to present the food nicely

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Слова в словарных полях описывают различные виды деятельности. Скажите, какие действия они описывают. Теперь выберите занятие, которое вам больше всего нравится или не нравится, и опишите его как можно подробнее.

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