Упражнение №63 - Раздел 6 по Английскому языку 7 класса - Афанасьева О.В.

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Предмет: Английский язык
Класс: 7 класс
Автор учебника: Афанасьева О.В.
Михеева И.В.
Год издания: 2016
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Кол-во упражнений: 541
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Use the beginning of one of the fairy tales and tell it with the help of the words from Ex. 3, Unit 6. Decide whose fairy tale is the best.

  • Once upon a time there lived a nice and kindly lady. She had only one wish: she wanted to have a child ... So one day she decided to bake a mince pie and decorate it with a covering of icing, tinsel, baubles and fairy lights. Then she piled it around with sprouts, crackers and mince pie. The lady was so pleased with the creation that she made a wish: "Let this pie bring me a child." And her wish came true! A beautiful baby girl was born and the lady named her the “Mince Pie Baby”.
  • Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood who lived with her mother ... One day, her mother asked her to take a basket piled around with fairy lights, baubles, crackers, mince pies and sprouts to her grandmother's house. Little Red Riding Hood excitedly set off on her journey, as her mother had also asked her to pick up a delightful bake with a covering of icing. When she arrived, she presented the basket of treats to her grandmother and enjoyed the delicious mince pie with her.
  • Once there lived a poor boy who had neither a mother nor a father. The boy's name was Dick Whittington ... One day he decided to go to the city in search of a better life. As he walked along the cobbled streets he passed many people who were busy decorating their homes with piles of fairy lights, tinsel, baubles and crackers. The smell of freshly baked mince pies and cakes covered with a thick layer of icing filled the air. Dick's mouth began to water and he thought of how he'd love to bite into a freshly baked mince pie. Just then a kind old lady came out of her house with a tray of warm mince pies and some delicious looking sprouts. She handed Dick a mince pie and said "Here my boy, this is for you. I hope it brings you luck on your journey". Dick thanked the kind old lady and continued on his way. He was sure that his luck was about to change.
  • Once there lived a little girl with golden hair. Everybody called her Goldilocks. One day Goldilocks went for a walk in the forest ... and stumbled upon a cottage piled around with fairy lights, baubles and tinsel. She peeped in through the window and saw a cracker, a mince pie, a bake covered in a covering of icing and a bowl of sprouts. Intrigued, Goldilocks decided to try them all.
  • Once upon a time there lived an old man who had three sons. He had a big garden where he grew piles of sprouts and a large kitchen where he liked to bake. Every Christmas he would bake the most wonderful mince pies and cover them in thick layers of icing. His sons loved to help him decorate the pies with tinsel, baubles and fairy lights. On Christmas Day they would all pull a cracker around the table and enjoy the delicious mince pies.
  • When the man died, he left his house to his eldest son, his mill - to his second son, and his cat - to the youngest boy ... But the youngest boy was so sad, he had nothing to call his own. He was so disappointed that he left home and ventured out into the world. He walked for days, until he reached a small cottage in the middle of a forest. He knocked on the door, and a kind old lady answered. She welcomed him in, and explained that she was a fairy who could grant him one wish. The boy thought for a moment, and then asked for a bakery. The fairy smiled, and waved her wand. Suddenly, the cottage was filled with the smell of baking. The table was piled high with mince pies, fairy cakes, and a delicious looking cake covered with a thin layer of icing. There were tinsel and baubles all around the room, and fairy lights twinkling on the walls. In one corner, a cracker lay among a bowl of roasted sprouts. The boy was so delighted he thanked the fairy, and returned home with his special bakery. He opened up shop the very next day, and never looked back.

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