Упражнение №57 - Раздел 7 по Английскому языку 7 класса - Афанасьева О.В.

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  1. a dancer who takes part in ballet - a ballet dancer (артист балета)
  2. something actors and actresses put on their faces to change their appearances - makeup (грим)
  3. the part of theatre/cinema where the audience sits - the stalls (партер)
  4. a funny or light play in the theatre - a comedy
  5. a large area inside the theatre/cinema where people meet or wair; walk in the interval - a foyer (фойе)
  6. a sad or serious play in the theatre - a tragedy
  7. a person who shows people where their seats are - an usher (билетёр)
  8. someone who leads a group of music players or singers - a conductor (дирижёр)
  9. a person whose job is to desigh things by making drawings of them - a stage painter (художник-декоратор)
  10. a very famous and popular actor/actress - a star/celebrity
  11. something that helps you to see the actor and the stage better - binoculars/opera glasses
  12. a group of actors appearing in a particular peformance - cast (состав исполнителей)
  13. a room where a peformer can get dressed - a dressing room (гримёрка)
  14. the sides of the stage which the audience cannot see because of curtains and scenery - the wings (кулисы)
  15. everything that is on the stage to give an impression of the place where the play ( ballet, opera) is happening - scenery (декорации)

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