Упражнение №13 - Раздел 9 по Английскому языку 7 класса - Афанасьева О.В.

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Last Sunday 7A went to Moscow and spent the whole afternoon in the city. On Monday their teacher wanted to know what her pupils were doing or had done. Report her questions.

1. What places did you visit, Kate?
2. Did you go to the Tretyakov Gallery, Nina?
3. What are your impressions of the city centre, Natasha?
4. Where were you in the afternoon, Sasha?
5. Did you see any films, Denis?
6. Why didn't you buy any cinema tickets, Lora?
7. Did you find the way to the circus easily, Andrew?
8. Who explained the way to the city centre to you, Nick?
9. What made the greatest impression on you, Boris?
10. How long did it take you to have a tour of the Kremlin, Paul?

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